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Established in 1997 Global Heritage has earned a reputation of integrity and honourable international business ethics.
These are qualities which are vital when approaching citizenship by investment and how to buy a second passport.

Global Heritage is the leader in the field of Malta Citizenship and St Kitts Citizenship in South Africa.

Citizenship by investment is the best way to minimise the risk to yourself and your family if you live in a country that has political instability. There are some benefits and drawbacks of obtaining a second passport and one should consider the reasons for considering a second passport. Unless one is naturally born to parents with distinct citizenship, born within another nation or by virtue of matrimony it might not be that simple to get a second passport, buying there are several countries that offer citizenship to individuals, usually in exchange for significant investment into that country’s economy.


Among the excellent benefits of buying a second passport is lawful residency within the nation where you made application for the second passport. Through this you are granted the same advantages that it’s citizens enjoy (such as being capable of living, working, and even conducting business without worrying about special consent.)

The other popular reason for purchasing a second passport is the ease of travel. Through getting a legal second passport, you are able to travel to several other nations without the need for visas. There are nations that permit only restrained entries. A legal second passport would open more prospects to go to distinct parts of the globe.

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